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Donald Trump's RNC Grand Slam Home Run


 My opponent asks people to make a pledge - “I’m with Her.” I give you a pledge - “I’m with you!”--Donald J. Trump

 The people finally have a champion: Donald J. Trump. Mr. Trump had his do-or-die moment on the evening of July 21, 2016 at the Republican National Convention. Would he go off in his stream-of-consciousness style and demonstrate an embarrassing lack of statesmanship (a fundamental prerequisite to be the president of the United States of America) or would he step up to the plate and smack a base hit? Last night we got an answer!

 Ivanka Trump, Mr. Trump’s eldest daughter and the heir apparent to the Trump Organization if the people hire her dad in November, loaded the bases for him in her introduction speech. She noted some facts that the press has conveniently hidden from the people: Mr. Trump has more female than male executives. Mr. Trump pays women the same as men (I actually think that they make a little more). Mr. Trump is, as his daughter noted, “color-blind and gender-neutral.” Ms. Trump did everything that a cleanup hitter would be expected to do.

 Donald Trump came on stage and immediately proceeded to hit a grand-slam home run. In the biggest moment of his life – and that is saying something of a person who is a self-made multi-billionaire – Mr. Trump delivered just like he did for every one of his buildings. Mr. Trump was not only statesmanlike, but he was naturally statesmanlike. He did veer away from the teleprompter several times, and when he did, he showed an outstanding understanding of the needs of the people. His delivery was passionate, and he knew what do to amplify the truth that the GOP has nominated a man who passionately loves the USA. When the crowd started to chant, “Trump, Trump, Trump;” Mr. Trump immediately corrected them to “USA! USA! USA!”


“So if you want to hear the corporate spin, the carefully-crafted lies, and the media myths, the Democrats are holding their convention next week.” – Donald J. Trump

 Mr. Trump deftly interleaved a scathing indictment of Mrs. Clinton and her putative track record with solemn promises to make the USA his first priority. The promises were loaded with specifics.

 Mr. Trump made a strong case to the people. He presented a bleak but accurate picture of the horrors that the United States has endured under lawless Democrat authoritarianism. He then presented an alternative vision that is hopeful and designed to “make America rich again.” Donald Trump had one shot before the people with minimal spin from the leftist media. He took great advantage of that chance.

 Was Mr. Trump the grand super-orator that was Ronald Reagan? No. that is not who he is. Did Mr. Trump let the real Donald Trump, the great man whose greatness is revealed in five successful children who adore him? Absolutely. Was his genuineness precisely what we needed to see (and I include myself). Absolutely!


 “This is the legacy of Hillary Clinton: death, destruction and weakness…But Hillary Clinton’s legacy does not have to be America’s legacy. The problems we face now – poverty and violence at home, war and destruction abroad – will last only as long as we continue relying on the same politicians who created them. A change in leadership is required to change these outcomes. Tonight, I will share with you my plan of action for America.” – Donald J. Trump

 Mr. Trump drew a notable distinction between the left’s demand for loyalty to his pledge of loyal service, lambasting Mrs. Clinton’s slogan, “I’m with Her” as he solemnly pledged, “I’m with you!” The convention crowd ate it up. In my opinion, so did the home audience. Mr. Trump also turned to some of the groups that were traditionally left-leaning and reached out. Following on the convention-floor endorsement of the openly gay Peter Thiel (CEO of PayPal), Mr. Trump expressed particular and extended sympathy for the Orlando massacre victims, and mentioned LGBTQ directly as a group adversely affected by the Democrat failure to enforce any immigration laws. He made a direct pledge to the LGBTQ community to protect them from “the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology.”

 The really good thing: He received a standing ovation for those remarks! That will be noticed.

 And to that end, Mr. Trump mentioned the Wall, and also the promise to halt all immigration from terrorist-linked countries, at least temporarily. Mr. Trump reached out to African-Americans, noting their joblessness, and linking it directly to uncontrolled illegal immigration. He also mentioned lawful immigrants warmly and noted that they were slighted and harmed by the unlawful immigration.

 Donald Trump had an opportunity to blow it and ensure that Hillary Clinton would be elected president. Instead, he staked out an outsider America-First position, and left Mrs. Clinton as the vacuous queen of the Establishment. He pinned the nations lousy trade deals directly on Mrs. Clinton and her husband, and blamed her for the erosion of the middle class. His allegations were all the more believable because of their truth. They resonated with people who have been harmed.

 Mr. Trump aimed directly at the Appalachian coal miners and promised to lift all energy restrictions. Mr. Trump aimed directly at small business and promised to reduce overregulation, which he rightly blamed for the environment where big business has smothered the small because only huge business can afford to comply with these arcane exercises of pinheaded power.

 Mr. Trump then hit the big points: Law and Order and National Security. He clarified his NATO remarks so that it is undeniable that he means to make those who benefit from our massive defense expenditures pay for our services. He stood strongly with the police and noted that it has been open season on the police under Mr. Obama. The fact that Mrs. Clinton has invited the mother of a person shot while attacking a police officer wasn’t mentioned, but it did not need to be mentioned.

 Mr. Trump noted that almost 180,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records have been loosed on the streets by the present administration. To those who remark that Mr. Obama’s term is over in six months, we must note that Mrs. Clinton is running on the premise of continuing Mr. Obama’s policies – essentially a third Obama term. Mr. Trump noted that Mr. Obama’s hometown, which is also my home town, is a war zone in which 3,600 people have died since Mr. Obama took office.

 The point is clear: The Democrats care nothing for those heroes who give lives to protect us from evil, and Mr. Trump has promised to reverse that. There’s the police vote (and mine too) for Mr. Trump!


 “When innocent people suffer, because our political system lacks the will, or the courage, or the basic decency to enforce our laws – or worse still, has sold out to some corporate lobbyist for cash – I am not able to look the other way.” – Donald J. Trump

 Mr. Trump also wasted no time in reminding everyone of Mrs. Clinton’s corruption, pointedly mentioning the email scandal as proof that corruption “has reached a level like never before.” He lambasted the FBI’s characterization of Mrs. Clinton’s acts as “extremely careless” to be terms “just used to save her from facing justice for her terrible crimes.”

 That is the strongest language that I have ever heard used by one presidential candidate against his general election opponent. What is terrifying about that is that Mr. Trump’s language comes close to being an understatement!

 Mr. Trump also pledged to appoint a Scalia-like man to replace Justice Scalia, and he also pledged to preserve the rights of Christians to speak politically without tax-code punishment – a position that goes further than the GOP platform.

 Donald Trump hit a grand slam home run out of the park and onto Waveland Avenue.

 We have a country-survival-level decision in November. Mr. Trump has time to coalesce support, and I pray that he does exactly that. Four seconds of Hillary Clinton as president would be four seconds too many. I have previously written “Trump or Treason!” I reiterate that, bolstered by the genuine passionate love of country that I saw in Donald J. Trump last night.