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2016 Election - I was an Idiot!

Updated to correct an error in the number of counties won by each candidate.

I was an idiot. In my previous article of 06 July, entitled ď Hillary Clinton is the Cersei Lannister of the USA,Ē I suggested that Donald Trump needed to spend $1-2 billion in cash to flood the airwaves with anti-Hillary ads and take the fight to her. My wife, brilliant and beautiful as she is, stated that my proposal would make Mr. Trump seem desperate. Donald Trump did not listen to me, and I am glad that he ignored my foolish advice.

Donald Trump, the genius businessman, applied marketing tactics to his candidacy, bypassed the overtly hostile media (hostile to the point of bending facts to make him look bad), and spent much less money on a successful campaign. He got results by direct targeting and in-person rallies. His statistics people were on cloud nine a week before the election and even Kellyanne Conway wasnít sure that the result would be what it was. The pre-election polling was all wrong, and Donald Trump went into November 8 the winner. The rest of America just needed to wait a few hours to find out the good news.

Donald Trump is the President-Elect of the United States of America! I was fearful that Mrs. Clinton would stomp him at the polls. I was an idiot. President-elect Trump won all but 489 of all of the counties nationwide! That is 2,652 of 3,141 counties! Once can choose from many routes and drive from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean on any of these multiple routes and not have oneís car wheels roll into any Clinton-won county. This is an electoral landslide not seen since Reagan 1984.

I remember my nervousness on election night. I was on Facebook and the New York Times live election tracking website, as well as Fox News. After voting (I was actually sick that day but I still voted), I went home and started to pray and worry (I apologize to God for that and ask forgiveness). I urged people with a ďthis is not over yetĒ blast about 2 hours before polls closed.

Then I watched my wildest dreams come true. I was texting my day-job coworkers, who are all just as supportive of President-elect Trump as I am. My boss was a little worried, but then he came around. I watched the NY Times tracker move from a 60% chance that Hillary would win to a 95% for Trump, and then call the election, well over an hour before Fox News (the first of the TV Networks) did. I was an idiot to worry.

As I watched state after stateís results come in, and the numbers that the networks and media were showing inexorably accumulate in his favor, I was rapid-fire facebooking screen shots of the Timesí live feed of states! Florida! Ohio! Wisconsin! And then Pennsylvania! I kept refreshing and saw that all of the outstanding votes, even if Hillary had 100% of them, would not put her over the top. I was as impatient as the Trump HQ crowd for Fox to call it. But Fox spent hours at 254 for Trump. And I was an idiot because I switched channels to CNN based on my bossí text. I missed the magic moment on Fox. Of course, Iíve relived it many times over, courtesy of YouTube.

I was an idiot. But right now, I am one really happy idiot!

Why? America rejected the idiocy of the last eight tyrannical, politically correct years. The GOP have every lever of power in DC. The House. The Senate. The Oval Office. The Supreme Court Pick (and perhaps as many as 4 picks this term). Harry Reid used the nuclear option on all presidential appointments short of a Supreme Court pick, and Mitch McConnell will be well-disposed to nuclear SCOTUS picks too if President-Elect Trumpís SCOTUS pick is filibustered by the Democrats.

The political correctness that forcibly silenced any dissent from leftist dogma was smacked down with the force of sixty million votes. The snowflake participation-trophy babies on college campuses responded by enacting safe spaces, organizing a petition to try to force the electoral college into voting Hillary in as faithless electors, and in threatening electors with death lest they change their votes! Now who are the idiots? The leftist crybabies are acting as if they still have the divine right to command and control disagreement away and to bully people into doing things their way. Their every action, from marching on the streets (in Blue states Ė how does that punish Trump supporters) in a childish tantrum to the aforementioned death threats, proves to Trump voters that their votes were well spent.

What else do we see? President-Elect Trumpís cabinet vetting process in open view on live TV! President Obama promised openness but he delivered closed-door back-room faits accomplis and secret deals. President-Elect Trump openly interviews candidates for the cabinet, and he appoints the best person for the job. He was accused of racism and sexism, but his cabinet is diverse. The people see and know better.

President-elect Trump isnít yet sworn in and he has saved 1,000 jobs at Carrier. How many other presidential candidates fulfill a campaign promise even before taking office? Who are the idiots now? The left, thatís who. The house re-elected Nancy Pelosi minority leader, and after the latest shellacking, she said, ďI donít think people want a new direction.Ē The election results compellingly show her statement to be nothing short of delusional!

I admit to a certain amount of schadenfreude at seeing some of the leftís reactions. Miley Cyrus and Chelsea Handler in tears. All of the people who threatened to leave the USA if Mr. Trump was elected being offered packing assistance and airfare. The Young Turks and their over-the-top depression. Here is a short video that shows just how nutty they were (and are).

The mainstream media is still in denial. They are covering President-elect Trump with the same facts-optional hostility as before, and resorting to the default leftist bigotry rant. You know, (a) Conservative espouses a position; (b) leftist falsely accuses of racism, sexism, homophobia, islamophobia and or some sort of other bigotry; (c) leftist assumes that the false accusation disqualifies the Conservativeís views and that the debate is ended. Steve Bannon is an anti-semite because he ran Breitbart. Case closed. Jeff Sessions (who prosecuted and destroyed Alabamaís KKK, and ensured that a KKK murderer got death) is a racist because someone said so in the 1980ís. Case closed.

The idiots are those who believe the media. They say that President-Elect Trump is anti-semitic, but he is good friends with Prime Minister Netanyahu and his daughter is Orthodox Jewish and so is his son-in-law! That son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has been his closest advisor throughout the campaign. Mr. Trump is supposedly a misogynist, but he has historically hired and promoted women in the Trump organization, and paid them as much as or more than their male counterparts! He is tarred as a racist, but his main campaign spokesperson is a black woman. Who can believe the media?

I was an idiot for worrying and fretting. Mr. Trump seemed so peaceful that the media idiots said that he was losing interest, but nothing could have been further from the truth. He knew the path to the White House, got on it, and stayed on it. I am so glad that Donald Trump taught me my idiocy. Now I know better.