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Friday, January 21, 2022

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Latest Recount and Faithless Elector Update.

In the Stein Pennsylvania recount case, the judge has set the hearing for the order that Stein wants for FRIDAY morning, four days before the deadline.  He has ignored (at least as of 5 minutes ago), Steinís motion to expedite.

This can be taken to mean that the judge is not well-disposed to order the massive recount that Stein keeps on seeking.  

In Wisconsin, the last report is that President Elect Trump has ADDED 26 net total votes to his margin.

In Michigan, Mrs. Clinton has gained a total of five votes.

now all we need to do is deal with the latest volley from the haters of America:  faithless electors trying to get the Congress to vote in someone else.  Mr. Trump won all but 57 of 3141 counties nationwide; the Congress, if it gets this thing, puts Trump / Pence in the White House.  Whoever tries to stymie this election has committed political suicide and risks an open revolt if successful.

Attention whiners: Stop this nonsense and grow up!  Donald Trump won fair and square.  Why?  Because the people across the land decided that he had the better plan.