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A Massive Trump Mandate and Leftist Denial

Why Donald Trump has a Clear Mandate

The left is shouting at the top of its lungs that President-Elect Trump has “no mandate.” This is based on the aggregate vote count of all 51 presidential elections, which, solely because of the fact that Hillary Clinton ran up the score in California, favors her. This “one man one vote” scenario has been hammered to death by the mainstream media. However it ignores the absolute shellacking that the leftists received on November 8, 2016. It seems that the radical left (which is in essence all of the Democrat party in DC and its celebrity/donor sponsors) has failed to move past the “denial” stage of the five stages of grief .

The Country as a Whole Rejected the Left

The ideas and the policies of the Left were voted out by the country as a whole, with only the urban centers resisting this change. For the purposes of this analysis, we’ll ignore that Donald Trump won 306 electors to Hillary Clinton’s 232 (a 57% majority – a mandate). Let’s analyze below:

Donald Trump has the Mandate of States

The first thing that we need to note is that the presidential election is not one massive national election. It is 51 separate elections that happen on the same day. Of those 51 elections, President-Elect Trump won 30 states plus one elector from Maine. Mrs. Clinton won 20 states plus the District of Columbia. Donald Trump won 59% of the states. That is a mandate.

Donald Trump has the Mandate of Congressional Districts

Let’s go a bit more granuar: Congressional districts. There are 436 Congressional districts in the USA that vote for President: 435 plus one for the District of Columbia. While the data are still being compiled, it appears that President-Elect Trump won approximately 290 of 436 Congressional Districts. Donald Trump appears to have won 66.5% of Congressional districts , including many districts that are held by Democrat congressional representatives. In California, Trump won 13 districts, in Illinois, eight. While this number may change, it is a significant mandate.

Donald Trump has a Crushing Mandate of Counties

Let’s go more granular than that: Counties. Counting DC as one county, there are 3,141 counties. President-Elect Trump won 2,652 of 3,141 counties! That is 84.4% of counties nationwide! That is a crushing mandate.

Why the Left keeps harping on the “Popular Vote”

Whenever the left speaks of the “popular vote,” it is engaging in an anti-Constitutional screed that, would, if the Left got its own way, subject the entire country to the whims of California and New York’s urban areas. Remember that California has 13 Congressional Districts that voted Trump, and Illinois has eight – after being radically gerrymandered to prefer the Democrats who run my home state (into the ground).

The electoral College and the 51 statewide Presidential elections are designed to ensure that the entire country has a voice in the Presidency. “One Man One Vote” is in essence mob rule. In case you think that Conservativity would change its tune if Mrs. Clinton had won the electoral college and not the popular vote, the answer is no. Our position is that the Electoral College is good because it gives voice to the smaller states. If we lose because of it, then we must accept that loss, in the same way that we accept the win when it falls our way, as it did in 2000 and again in 2016.

Again, here is a lesson in “simple words in simple sentences” (Ana Kasparian, The Young Turks, November 8, 2016, speaking of how Donald Trump spoke to the people to gain victory). Why the Electoral College is good needs to be explained again in simple terms so that the Left can begin to understand. The leftist elites, in their denial of the whole country’s repudiation of their anti-Constitutional nonsense, need to hear this again.

Picture the presidential elections as 51 shouting contests. Los Angeles county in California alone, as noted in this article , contains more persons than Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Montana, Delaware, South Dakota, Alaska, North Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming – combined. Therefore, Just one county has more shouting power than ten states. The Electoral College is the megaphone of the Heartland. While the linked article earlier in this paragraph is a screed aimed at eliminating the Electoral College, its graphics make the point we are trying to make. The loudest shouting comes from the urban centers, mainly California, New York and Illinois. See this photo:

The megaphone is needed to keep our policies from being dictated by the leftist urban centers in this country. The founders understood the dangers of mob rule; what every author who advocates for “one man one vote” is actually advocating is the forcible silencing of dissent by the majority – mob rule.

The Constitution is now and always has been a countermajoritarian document. Every single founder feared and loathed pure democracy, especially at the national level. Chief among the founders who stood against mob rule is – ironically – Thomas Jefferson, who is credited as having founded the Democratic party. The earthquake in Virginia is caused by Jefferson spinning in his grave at Monticello.

The people who were told that they are idiots and “deplorables” by Democrat leaders and pampered celebrities Had enough. They therefore used their megaphone and shouted “TRUMP” into it. And that is far from all. Along with that, the GOP has been handed enough state-level control that it is one state away from being able to propose constitutional amendments at will and just a couple states away form being able to ratify Constitutional Amendments at will! That is an astounding mandate! The GOP has never been in such a good overall position since it was founded.

Leftist Denial Reigns Supreme

The left steadfastly denies its rejection and the mandate that the people have handed to Donald Trump and the GOP. This is classic denial. They seek excuses as to why Hillary Clinton lost the presidency. Let’s examine the excuses:

  • The Election was rigged by the Russians!
    Nonsense. Assume that the Russians did indeed hack John Podesta and the DNC and released the emails.
    First, the emails were genuine and showed the DNC rigging the primary against Bernie Sanders and also showed Hillary Clinton’s duplicity to the voters (e.g., telling Wall Street that she has “a public and a private position” on key issues).
    Second, The media failed to cover the emails and President Obama’s own press secretary absurdly warned people that reading Wikipedia might give them computer viruses!
    If Hillary Clinton lost the election because the truth was disclosed, then that is on her and not on the Russians (who I believe are innocent of the Podesta hack at minimum).
  • The Election was rigged by James Comey!
    Nonsense. If Hillary Clinton had not set up the unlawful private email server that started the criminal investigation of a Presidential Candidate for mishandling classified materials , Mr. Comey would have had nothing to investigate. If Mr. Comey unlawfully influenced an election, why is he still the director of the FBI? Why isn’t he doing the perp-walk?
  • The people are idiots who voted against their best interests!
    Nonsense! This is the ultimate in snobby elitist cut-downs. Listen to The Young Turks’ election night meltdown . Warning: this video may cause conservatives to melt down in uncontrollable schadenfreude-enhanced laughter. It has been edited by others to insert snark.
    The best interests of the people are determined by the people and not the left.

President Trump: Use Your Mandate!

President-Elect Trump, please use the mandate that the people gave you and your party and keep your promises! If you do so, then your mandate will increase in two years’ time. You strike this author as someone who treats promises like blood-oaths, willing to do all in your power to honor your word. I hope to see this in action soon.

Congratulations to Donald Trump and the GOP on a solid mandate!