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Donald Trump: Tweeting Superhero!

Faster than a speeding private jet! Able to leap tall poll margins in a single tweet! It’s Super Trump! Donald Trump is the closest thing that the United States of America has to a real-life superhero. Using his powerful Tweet-device, he has accomplished more good in the post-election transition period than his predecessor did during two presidential terms!

One tweet from President Elect Trump and Ford kills a Mexican plant and brings 1,000 jobs to Michigan.

One tweet from President-Elect Trump puts GM on the defensive about Chevrolet Cruze hatchbacks built in Mexico – some shipped to the USA (ote that the Cruze sedan is already built in the USA).

One tweet from President-Elect Trump brings Boeing to the table and cuts the price of the upcoming replacements for Air Force One.

One tweet from President-Elect Trump brings Lockheed to the table to discuss the high cost of the F-35 joint strike fighter.

One tweet from President-Elect Trump utterly killed a ridiculous and tone-deaf plan supported by about 70% of GOP Republicans to weaken the ethics reforms put in place over Congress in 2008. Mind you that this plan was also opposed by Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, as well as the leadership of the Democrat caucus. However, there was enough bipartisan rank-and-file support to pass the change if it had made it to the House floor.

What do the people think of this use of Twitter? They love it! I love it! As of this writing, President-Elect Trump is 16 days from taking the oath of office, and he has already saved or created tens of thousands of jobs, many by forcing the hand of large companies with his all-powerful Twitter account. While the left continues its reflexive cry of “Bigot! Bigot! Bigot!” -- which has completely worn out the tactic and leaves them without credibility when an actual bigot does emerge on the scene (usually from their own numbers), President-Elect Trump continues on.

President Obama, in his final days in office, is throwing a tantrum at his successor’s Twitter-based revolution. In effect, Donald Trump has already taken over as the President of the United States. His obvious mission in life is to fulfill every single one of his campaign promises. Even this morning, the news reported Kellyanne Conway discussing the in-progress plans to build the wall to protect our southern border. That loud cheering from Florida comes from Ann Coulter , who is seeing the payoff for her ardent and correct support of the Trump campaign. President-Elect Trump is already at work on the wall! That promise was widely regarded as a throwaway, but President-Elect Trump is unconventional. He never considers his promise to be a throwaway. His actions prove this fact; anyone who watched The Apprentice (not the Celebrity version) saw Mr. Trump’s absolute demand for honesty and integrity, and his own display of those two virtues.

How does the left respond? Goofball celebrities boycott performing at the Inauguration, some of whom rehash the “Bigot!” cry as they announce the boycott in order to impress the snowflake-cupcake leftists. Donald Trump cares not a whit about trying to impress those who hate him to change to liking him. He is interested in living up to his word to the people who gave him the electoral landslide on November 8, 2016, leaving the left and their media arm completely gobsmacked. To quote Kurt Schlichter in an article on : “This guy is interested in trying to please the people who elected him, not the urban swells who write for or read the NYT or WaPo – he knows they will never stop loathing him even if he somehow simultaneously cures cancer, brings world peace, and convinces Coldplay to disband.” Note: If President Trump causes Coldplay to disband, then he should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on accomplishment, in contrast to his predecessor, who received it for wishful thinking.

The people voted for President-Elect Trump in the hope that he would keep a majority of his campaign promises. It is evident that he intends to keep every single one, and as soon as possible. He will therefore massively over-deliver, to the delight of his supporters, and the shame of his attackers. The thing is that business leaders and Wall Street had this figured out by November 9, 2016. This explains the massive “Trump Bump” in the markets. Big business smells what the Trump is cooking – a gigantic economic boom.

Donald Trump – Superhero!