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Ann Coulter, Super-Pundit, Best-Selling Author

I planned to make Rush Limbaugh the first Legendary Commentator I inducted into our Hall of Fame.  After all, without El Rushbo, we would not exist, the extreme leftist faction would control all media and opinion.  Rushís 1988 national debut marked the beginning of the end of the liberal media monopoly.  However, yesterday, I was reading stuff and came upon a horrible website that was speaking about Ann Coulter.  This siteís author called her a word that rhymes with "runt", to me the most horrible epithet you can call a woman. I then decided to Google everything I could find about Ann.

Page after page, site after site, liberal commentators did not attack the substance of Annís arguments.  Instead they called her names, mostly obscene names.  Nutjob, crackhead moron, freak, Nazi (there is even a graphic with Annís face pasted into a variant of a Goebbels Brownshirt ad of the 1930s), bitch and more.  One site suggested that she needed to be anally raped 111 times in a row.  At first the depth of this virtiol enraged me.  No person on Earth deserves this sort of evil name-calling!  Ann herself is unswayed by this invective, although I would have thought that being associated with Naziism, the extreme of the left-wing doctrines, would truly offend her.  She obviously has much better things to do with her time.  Inasmuch as she has rendered her detractors unable to logically respond to her facts and conclusions, she must know the depth of her success.

"She calls it as she sees it, and usually reduces extreme left-wingers to  trembling, red-faced, enraged, irrational piles of obscenity-uttering nerves."

Ann Coulter is direct and blunt and has never pulled a punch in her life.  She thoroughly researches her books.  She is well prepared for both TV appearances and speaking engagements.  She knows how to duck a pie in the face.  Ann Coulter is so thorough and careful in her research that, as noted before, she can only inspire irrational invective from those that oppose her.  She disarms opponents not with her breathtaking beauty (though she does have that going for her), but with her powerful mind, her vast vocabulary, and her firm belief in the Conservative way of life.  She calls it as she sees it, and usually reduces extreme left-wingers to trembling, red-faced, enraged, irrational piles of obscenity-uttering nerves.  She is both informative and fun, the wicked kind of fun one derives from seeing one person reduce another to a train wreck.

I know that Ann knows that she is the lighning rod of the leftists.  I think she enjoys it, and often floats some nice-n-wild statements just to tick íem off.  Ann is a regular on Hannity and Colmes, and it is a riot as she keeps a straight face and reduces Alan Colmes to speechlessness -- on a regular basis.  Her new book "How to Talk to a Liberal (If you Must)..." is a best seller and explains her simple rules for turning lefties into simps.  Her other books, Treason and Slander, are really great reads as well.

Quick Bio:  Ann Coulter is the leader of the "conservababes" -- the beautiful, intelligent women who are among the leading conservatives in this wonderful country.  This list includes Ann, Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin, Debbie Schlussel, Kathleen Parker, and the late great Barbara Olson, among others.  She is an attorney, and clerked for Pasco Bowman, an appellate Circuit Judge, and was also in private practice.  She is single (rats, Iím married).  She is from New York.

Ann Coulter has a bright future.  If W wants to really stir up a hornetís nest, he ought to nominate Ann to the Supreme Court when Justice Ginsburg retires.  No, Iíll take that back.  While the nomination fight would be the stuff of legend, I would miss her awesome intellect in the ranks of the punditry.  Ann Coulter, you are the first member of the Legendary Commentator Hall of Fame.  Donít ever stop being you!  As if that would ever happen.