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Welcome to the Hall of Shame

Welcome to the Hall of Shame.  This is where we expose the most disgusting examples of elitist liberalism at its worst.  This is the place where you will find our take on such things as Bill Clinton''s infamous January 1999 comment wondering, if the government would refund excess surplus to the people if they would "spend it right."

We have a sinking feeling that the hall of shame will fill up rapidly, considering the consummately vicious tone of politics these days, and the desperation of the elitist left-wingers as they fail to deal with the fact that their philosophy of governmental paternalism and narrowly-disguised oligarchy has utterly failed.

While we have a Hall of Shame, this ought not to be interpreted as our desire to silence our fellow citizens.  Even though we may vehemently oppose every single word they say, we will defend -- to the death -- their right to say it.