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For Homeland Security, We suggest...

ORIGINALLY POSTED NOVEMBER 15, 2004:  To replace Governor Tom Ridge as the Secretary of Homeland Security, Conservativity respectfully recommends former congressman J. C. Watts, Jr. of Oklahoma.  He is young, he has shown the ability to head up large organizations (he currently runs the powerful GOPAC committee), and is experienced in the ways of Washington.  While in Congress, he was a member of the GOP leadership, and has the credentials to work with Congress as necessary to get his job done.

"Congressman Watts is by far the most qualified human being in America to take on this sensitive task."

I do not know if our President has made any sort of decision on this matter. However, this is a highly sensitive post, and we need the best possible person to take that position.  Congressman Watts saw firsthand the effect of terrorism; he was in Congress when the terrorist attack Oklahoma Cityís Murrah federal building.  He served on the special congressional oversight panel on Terrorism, giving congressman Watts the inside knowledge needed to battle Americaís largest present threat and to protect our homeland.  With his experience in the Congress in both the Military and domestic fore, Congressman Watts is by far the most qualified human being in America to take on this sensitive task.  His loyalty to our country is great beyond the ability of words to express it; Congressman Watts is the ideal Homeland Security chief.

As of this writing, Tom Ridge has not formally announced his resignation, but we know itís coming.  As I am updating this article, Mr. Ridge is announcing his resignation.  I want to get out in front of this one, because I think that Congressman Watts is such an outstanding choice.  If our President is still thinking of candidates, I want to let him know, and I have directly written our President on this matter, of my strong feeling that J. C. Watts is the one and only right choice to be next Secretary of Homeland Security.

Neither John Tamburo nor Conservativity have any ties to Congressman Watts, GOPAC or any group operating for the benefit of Congressman Watts.  This endorsement is spontaneous and without any other motivation than the authorís extremely strong belief that Congressman Watts is the best person for the job.