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I'd Rather say Good-Bye.

Dan Rather, inaugural member of our Hall of Shame, has announced that he is leaving the anchor position at CBS Evening News in March 2005.  I think that itís a good thing that Mr. Rather realizes that the time has come.  The people are simply unwilling to put up with a liberal propagandist sitting in a chair that is supposed to report the events of the day, and not select or spin them to suit his or her ideology.

Mr. Rather is 72 years old and rich beyond the dreams of avarice.  He neednít worry about retirement, and therefore he ought to let the 60 Minutes II correspondent gig go as well.  When he was young, he was an excellent Texas anchor and reporter, well, except for the little misunderstanding about the JFK assasination and what he "saw" on the Zapruder film.  Now, heís listening to weirdos with agendas, and putting all of what is left of his credibility behind documents that my dog could deduce were forged.  All this to unseat a man with whom Mr. Rather disagreed on ideology.

Toodles.  Enjoy retirement somewhere nice and lament the days when the government promised to live everymanís life for him.  Complain about the infernal independence and self-sufficiency of the American people, and how evil we are to stamp out repression, tyranny and genocide wherever found.  Good-Bye.