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Thursday, October 21, 2021

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Over the Hump!

According to a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll. George W. Bush has opened up a five point lead over John F. Kerry.  More importantly, we’re over the hump, with Mr. Bush commanding 51% of the vote!  John F. Kerry got 46% of the vote.  George Bush, our beloved President, has now garnered the support of a majority of this country.  Given the horrendous, scurrilous attacks launched against him by amoral power-hungry leftists, it’s a miracle.

Now, ought we to go to the store and start selecting election-night champagne?  Pérrier-Jouét?  Dom Pérignon? Veuve Çlicquot?  Hold on a tad.  Get out there and vote!  Vote Bush!  Vote!  You need to vote in order to ensure that our beloved President prevails.  This election is all about turnout.  If the other side is not energized, and we are, we win, the vice versa is also true.  This election is not in the bag, even though I think that Vice President Cheney has it on the nose at Bush 52%-47%.  I also think that we’ll have some electoral surprises.  Namely, I see Bush winning Florida, New Mexico, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Hawaii and Pennsylvania, with an excellent shot at Michigan.

Now that our beloved President is over the hump, we’re obliged to help him in any way possible.  That means we vote, we drive voters to the polls, we make sure that the Demo-nazis do not destroy our signage, we show our integrity and that of our President.  That will win it for us.  Even if you are in a "blue state," don’t be blue, folks.  Get the vote out.  If we mobilize well enough, we could tip a major state.  What happens if we mobilize in California and eke out the win there?  Fifty-five electoral votes!  What if we drag a few more GOP congressmen and Senators on Mr. Bush’s coattails right into service?  We could change this country for the better.  Also, don’t forget the President’s request and pray too.  God is real and he listens to the effectual fervent prayer of righteous people.

W is over the 50% hump.  Let’s keep on keeping on.  Support the Good.  Vote Bush.