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They blew it. Guess what? We moved the explosives to safety!

The Al-QaQaa story has been officially and completely proved to be Al "Caa-Caa."

A brave officer in our Army now testifies under oath that the U. S. Armed Forces removed and destroyed the explosives.  Over 250 tons of it!  We destroyed it.  For all of the "October Surprise" buildup, we now know that Saddam removed some of the stuff before we got there (of course to these fascist liberals, that’s President Bush’s problem).  0.1% of the mass of ammunition we located and destroyed was in question, and now, we’ve accounted for substantially all of it!  Maj. Austin Pearson, of the 24th Ordinance Support group, now swears, as a man of integrity and unquestionable honor, testifies that he and his group removed over 250 tons of explosives at Al QaQaa.  He also mentions over 7000 tons of ammunition that was destroyed under his direct control, apparently from the whole of Al QaQaa complex!

That, combined with the intentional overstatement of amounts of explosives at Al QaQaa in the New York Times report, makes for a horrible truth:  The Times and CBS were conspiring to libel George W. Bush, and further the United States Armed Forces, in order to cause public opinion to shift toward John Kerry’s ultra-liberal, semi-treasonous candidacy.  The trouble is, of course, that the über-liberal Nazis will run with B.S. at will.  As Rush Limbaugh has rightly said many times, it’s not the evidence that matters, but the seriousness of the charge.  They think that the American people are stupid sheep.  They underestimate us.  They will learn that lesson on November 2.  And we will cheer as we pack up more leftist America-haters (and anyone who lies about a sitting president is an America hater, no doubt) and drum their treasonous butts out of Washington, hopefully forever!

Now, with four days until the election, we’re seeing this story explode, pun intended.  John Kerry obviously co-ordinated his attacks with the New York Times.  He had a commercial slamming our beloved president in the can on this phony lying slop story when it broke.  Now, we’ve seen the new media (thank God for Matt Drudge) and the Pentagon show up the Times, which by the way showed yesterday that the satellite photo showed GI’s!  The Times provided the proof that the material was removed and destroyed by us, not "looted" by terrorists, for probable use to promote the Kerry candidacy.

In the press conference, the reporters are, as I am writing this, trying to discredit this honorable decorated warrior, an officer and a gentleman, because they don’t like this; they know a Kerry disaster is brewing.  Rush and Hannity and O’Reilly and Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter and Roger Hedgecock and Roe Conn and Eileen Byrne and Curtis Sliwa will run with this truth!  The Kerryheads’ October Surprise is being reversed into a Bush benefit (Hurrah)!  To boot, ABC ran with the terror-tape Kerry endorsement, which for us, is a Bush plus!  Oops, the media did it again!

These left-wing wackos, apparently the disciples of Josef Goebbels and Baghdad Bob, will lie, cheat, steal ballots, flout the law with a smile, threaten opponents, and engage in terrorist acts to achieve their ends.  On the last factor, terrorist acts, burning Swastikas into Bush supporters’ lawns with Roundup, breaking $10,000 of windows in a nice neighborhood, shooting up Bush campaign offices in several states, defacing and destroying signs, and all of the other evil acts on behalf of John Kerry, certainly fit this description.  And we should interpret Kerry’s silence as his endorsement of any illegal act that will get his evil self elected.

Do you hate this?  Vote for Bush!  Are you worried about terrorists, both in Al Qaeda and Al Kerry-Edwards?  Vote for our beloved heroic President Bush!  Do you want to keep your Constitutional rights?  Vote for the man who believes that the power belongs to you -- not the government!  George W. Bush!  Worried that Ed Rendell and other Demonazis will try to suppress your military vote?  Vote Bush!  Send it Express Mail if you can!  Tell your chain of command that you don’t want your vote tossed by evil Hitler-like America-Hating people like the left wing!  Vote!  Vote Bush!  Make the pollsters look like clowns and make this a Bush landslide!  Please don’t give your country and rights over to an evil, lying war criminal elitist who thinks you are pond scum!  We’re smarter than Kerry thinks!  We’ll win this thing as long as every single human being who knows the difference between tyranny and freedom gets up and votes Bush!

Teach the liars that their lies backfire.  Vote for George W. Bush!