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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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Aloha Bush!

Previously, I have written that Hawaii was in play.  In fact, the latest polls show that our beloved President has taken the lead in this former Democrat stronghold.  The electoral map should be altered to show that the state is a toss-up, or maybe even leaning Bush.  But, remember!  Hawaii is a longtime stronghold of the Democratic party.  Now, it has a Republican governor, is leaning Bush, and its legislature is going to be GOP-controlled come November 3!

What a wonderful, refreshing, awesome development!  Those who want us to be permanently attached to and dependent upon the governmental teat are being slowly but surely ejected from their ill-gotten, undeserved, power base.  To help this God-Given transition along, our heroic president has sent Vice President Cheney to Honolulu!  The Massachusetts flipflopper has sent Al Gore, the 2000 failure, the whiner, the seditious libeler of our great president.  I think that V.P. Cheney will definitely arouse the passion of this state, showing Mr. Gore for the tree-hugging weenie wimp that he is.  I know, I know, I should be more upset with Gore, and not pull my punches.  But, kids also read this webzine!

I am now positively thrilled about my plans to retire to this paradise, knowing that I will be among friends!  Aloha Bush!